Andells is not only collections, but also handicraft and craftsmanship, which are an inseparable element of our work. Within the framework of our offer of bespoke tailoring we create and sew men’s and women’s outfits. Our highly specialized team can handle even most unusual orders. Andells treats every bespoke tailoring order individually because every customer is different. We do our best to meet our customers’ expectations, provide advice and suggest best possible solutions.

We undertake historical reconstructions, carefully and meticulously recreating the details of outfits of old. We use artistic embroidery techniques and the haute couture techniques from France, such as, crochet de luneville. When it comes to men’s tailoring, we opt for full canvas. Always ready to advise our clients, our design team supervises every individual project.


For every bespoke order we create a unique construction, taking into account all expectations of our clients. This method usually requires at least four, and often more, appointments to decide on particular elements, style, and fabrics.

From the very beginning the tailors responsible for the specific aspects of production take part in the fittings and take notes and measurements. Our men’s suits have the full canvas construction. Ordering bespoke, our clients receive a unique handmade masterpiece of tailoring art.


Our artistic tailoring offer makes the Andells brand even more unique. Within the framework of Andells Art can recreate any creation including all of its historical details, ornate gowns, and other items of clothing. This part of our offer occupies our team the most.

From careful preparation of embroidery patterns to supervising their correct application — here everything is made by hand. Evening gowns perfect for the red carpet in Cannes, replicas of 19th-century outfits, or the most time-consuming and at the same time the most beautiful ornate haute couture tulle gowns are an effect of hundreds of handwork performed by our Andells Art team.


Men’s tailoring

1. BESPOKE (hand made) – without fabric

  • SHIRT:(signature hand made) 1,500 PLN
  • SHIRT:(mostly machine made) 1,000 PLN
  • JACKET: 4,500 PLN
  • TROUSERS: 1,700 PLN
  • TAIL-COAT: 7,500 PLN
  • COAT: 6,000 PLN
  • TUXEDO: 6,500 PLN

2. BESPOKE (hand made) – fabric included

  • TAIL-COAT: from 11,000 PLN (white bow-tie + white vest + white shirt)
  • TUXEDO: from 7,500 PLN
  • MORNING SUIT (WITH VEST): from 10,000 PLN
  • SUIT:
    • Two-piece – from 7,500 PLN
    • Three-piece – from 8,500 PLN
  • TROUSERS: from 2,200 PLN
  • JACKET: from 5,500 PLN
  • OTHER: Priced individually. In addition to the classic men’s tailoring, we also offer design and sew special orders according to the customer’s wishes and preferences.

Women’s tailoring

  • WEDDING DRESS: from 7,000 PLN
  • OTHER: Priced individually.

Artistic tailoring

Priced individually, depending on project complexity. Please contact us at atelier@andells.com