Out of respect for our customers and to ensure top quality, our every product comes with an authenticity certificate. Every item of clothing made by us has its own number, which enables us to quickly determine the place of sale, production time, and even its makers.

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The authenticity certificate is also a warranty card. Basing on the data included, our office can inform you about the scope of the warranty on a given product. We give warranty on all our products but it does not cover mechanical damages, such as, cutting the fabric on glass or other similar damages, unless they result from fabric defect.

To meet our customers’ requirements, our warranty department shall answer all your questions at Bespoke tailoring, artistic tailoring, and historical reconstruction products not only come with a warranty, but are also fully supported by our Atelier as we retain all measurements, patterns, design documentation, and order history. This enables our specialist to reconstruct the production process and make a copy of any creation, implementing any construction or fabric changes — all on the basis of the data included on the warranty card.