Respecting our clients and taking care of the quality of our products we provide authenticity certificate. Every product has its own number that allows us to quickly determine the place where it was sold, production time or even people who participated in the production process. 

Thanks to this certificate our clients can be sure of their products. Even if they purchase second-hand products, contacting our office they  find out quickly if their outfit was created in our Atelier. If you have any further questions please contact our office at


Authenticity certificate is at the same time a warranty. On the basis of warranty, our office gives you information about the scope of warranty of a specific products. All our products are warranted. However, warranty does not cover mechanical damages, such as ripping the material with glass or any other damages this type, unless they result from material faults.

To meet requirements of our clients, warranty department answers all questions at Bespoke tailoring, artistic tailoring or historical reconstruction products are not only warranted but fully supported by our atelier. All measurements, patterns, design documentation and order history are saved. This allows our specialist to reconstruct the process of production, make a copy of any creation implementing any construction or material changes – all of it on the basis of warranty card data.