We have always been inspired by the streets of Cannes and the nearby Principality of Monaco. The local style is a blend of top Italian and French brands. An arena of incessant competition between the world’s top bands, the famous Promenade de la Croisette is the place to admire the newest creations by Chanel or Givenchy and visit boutiques of top brands such as Zilli, Hermes, Dior, or D&G. Looking at the streets of this small French Mediterranean town which once a year becomes a mecca for actors, actresses, people from the cinema industry and widely defined show-business, one has to get an impression that it is the meeting place for the French and the Italian style, Russian splendor, and the classic trends of brands like Loro Piana, Zegna, or Zilli.


Andells takes personal responsibility for and carefully supervises the entire production process of our creations, from the conceptual phase, through sample constructions, to the actual execution. We trim and hand-decorate, also using artistic embroidery techniques. From dresses, through women’s suits, to men’s bespoke tailoring, Andells is responsible for the entire design and production process, ensuring best possible quality without compromises.


Lars von Trier and Quentin Tarantino are associated mostly with the cinema industry. Hardly anybody knows that they achieved their first successes in Cannes, but this European film capital is also Ken Loach, Pedro Almodóvar, Ang Lee, Woody Allen, and many other famous directors. It is a meeting place for the biggest stars of international cinema, along with whom arrive…. wonderful creations, often designed exclusively for this special occasion — the red carpet in Cannes. The European film mecca is also a fashion gem of the French Riviera. Together with resorts such as Saint-Tropez or Monaco — the favorite destinations of the wealthy, Cannes is one of the most luxurious places in the region.

We try to take what is best from this Mediterranean luxurious atmosphere. We begin our journey in the nearby harbor town of Golfe Juan and then go via Cannes to Saint-Raphael, enjoying the stunning views on our way. The festival of ideas and inspirations with a large dose of motivation, which one simply cannot avoid here, creates the unique creative atmosphere of the French Riviera.

“I’m fencing and wrestling with the sun. And what a sun it is! In order to paint here one would need gold and precious stones,” wrote Claude Monet in his 1888 letter. The local unusual light one could not find anywhere else attracted hundreds of artists to the French Riviera, such as, Renoir, Bonnard, Derain, Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Dufy, Cocteau, or Soutine. And even though they did not always cross paths, they all united in their fascination with Southern France. The French Riviera and art are inseparable. One cannot fully explore this beautiful region without looking at it through the eyes of painters. The local fascinating vivid colors inspire our designers and the constant presence of top fashion houses only goes to show that this region of France is not only about lavender and Chanel perfumes, but — for an insightful observer — predominantly a volcano of inspiration.



Wrocław is a special place to us. Its quarters such as Nadodrze and the Market Square, which is more popular with tourists, are at the very heart of our operation. Few people know that nowadays Nadodrze is the artistic capital of Lower Silesia. Almost every street in this quarter brings together fashion, graphics, ceramics, and glass designers, artists, and traditional craftsmen. It is an ideal place for young, confident, and creative people who perceive their artistic activity as part of the urban tissue.

Nadodrze is a unique place on the map of Wrocław. This part of the city, where in 2014 Steven Spielberg shot scenes for Bridge of Spies, is sometimes called a hub of rare occupations. Many local craftsmen continue family traditions, often dating back to the mid-20th century. Nadodrze is home to portraitists, duvet workshops, glassworkers, goldsmiths, and even framers and gilders.

This artistic melting pot is a special place to our designers, one that enables them to perceive fashion through the prism of the history of the Nadodrze streets and tenements. There, after World War II, one could purchase top quality handmade umbrellas, meet top tailors, and have one’s shoes fixed by most-esteemed shoemakers. The atmosphere of this has also been affected by people resettled after World War II from the Eastern Borderlands of the Second Republic of Poland. The old railway station in Nadodrze has witnessed more historical events than one can read about in many an excellent library devoted to the history of Poland.

An extraordinary place with lots of inspirational people, Wrocław is also home to our Atelier, where our designers — after visiting Milan fashion trade fairs, crowded streets of Paris, and sun-drenched la Croisette and Monte Napoleone — produce our unique creations.