Main inspirations were, and still are, the streets of Cannes as well as the Principality of Monaco located nearby. Local style is in a way a blend of the best Italian and French brands. The famous „la Croisette” is a place where the world’s best bands compete ceaselessly. It is there where one can admire the newest creations made by Chanel or Givenchy. The street is also a home for Zilli, Hermes, Dior or D&G boutiques. Observing the streets of this little French Mediterranean town that once a year turns into a meeting point for actors and actresses, people of cinema industry, or widely defined show-business, nobody could disagree that it is the place where one can see French and Italian style, Russian splendor, classical trends of brands such as Loro Piana, Zegna or Colombo ending up with brands like Zilli.


We take personal responsibility for the process of realization of our creations – starting from the conceptual phase, through sample constructions up to the proper creation. The whole process of realization is carefully and incessantly supervised by us. We trim and hand-decorate, also using hand embroidery. Our offer ranges from dresses through women’s suits ending up with men’s bespoke tailoring. Andells bears the whole responsibility for the process of designing and production.


Lars von Trier and Quentin Tarantino are associated mostly with the cinema industry and barely anybody knows that it was in Cannes where they enjoyed their first successes. Cannes is also Ken Loach, Pedro Almodovar, Ang Lee or Woody Allen. The city is a meeting place of the most famous people of world’s cinema who showcase wonderful creations often designed only for this special occasion – the red carpet in Cannes. This European film center is a fashion center of French Riviera as well. Together with the places like Saint-Tropez or Monaco – wealthy peoples’ favorite spot, Cannes is the most luxurious local destination.

We try to take all the best of this mediterranean atmosphere. Our journey starts in Golfe Juan located nearby, goes through Cannes and lets us enjoy the beautiful views on the road leading to Saint-Raphael. The festival of ideas and inspirations with a great motivational dose, which one cannot miss here, creates a unique atmosphere of the French Riviera.

“I’m fencing and wrestling with the sun. And what a sun it is! In order to paint here one would need gold and precious stones.” – wrote Claude Monet in his letter from 1888. Unusual, one of a kind light attracted hundreds of artists to the French Riviera. Renoir, Bonnard, Derain, Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Dufy, Cocteau or Soutine – even though their ways not always crossed, they became united by the fascination about Southern France. The French Riviera and art is an inseparable unity. One could not fully explore this beautiful spot not taking into consideration a view a painter would have. Fascinating, vivid colors inspire our designers and the presence of fashion houses confirms that this region of France is not only about lavender or Chanel fragrances, but most of all a center of fashion inspirations.


Wroclaw is a special place. Quarters like Nadodrze and more known among tourists Wrocław’s square are the very center of our business. Not many know that it is Nadodrze is currently the capital of culture of Lower Silesia. Almost every street joins designers of fashion, graphics, ceramics or glass with artists and traditional craftsmen. It is a place dedicated for young, confident and creative people who perceive their artistic activities as the part of urban life.

Nadodrze is a unique place on Wrocław’s map. It is here where in 2014 Steven Spielberg directed “Bridge of Spies”. This part of the city is called by some a region of unique professions. Many local craftsmen continue family traditions that frequently date back to the beginning of the XX century. Nadodrze is a home for portraitist, ember workshop, glass-makers, goldsmiths or even framing specialist and gliders.

This artistic melting pot is for our designers a special place that lets them perceive fashion in a light of the history of streets and tenements in Nadodrze. There, after World War II, one could get the best quality umbrellas, meet the greatest tailors, have their shoes fixed by the best shoemakers. The atmosphere of this place alludes to the Eastern Boarderlands and the old railway station in Nadodrze witnessed more historical events than it is described in books stored in many well equipped libraries devoted to the history of Poland.

Wrocław is a remarkable place, full of inspirational people as well as home for our Alelier. It is a place where our designers, after visiting Milano’s fairs, crowded streets in Paris and sunny „la Croisette” and „Monte Napoleone”, produce our creations and create one of a kind collections.